Finding Planner Peace

This post is the first from our newest Our Urban Eden contributor Ms. Divinity Lowe.


At the end of 2014, I vowed that 2015 as a whole would have more impact on the out turn of the rest of my life. In preparation for this magical year, I began researching the ways of truly successful people. Along this journey, I stumbled upon planning.

In recent years, planning has become somewhat of a raging trend. Of course stationary and the usually blah-black agenda book has gotten extremely fashionable and très chic. It almost seems natural that I would be drawn to keep a planner as I am the queen of all things fashionable and chic. However, there is an element to planning that I absolutely did not think about before rushing to purchase one of my own: would this work, and which one was truly what I need?

I missed out on so many important factors of planning initially because I was focused on the sparkle and shine in the whole thing. But, be ye not despaired! It’s just the 3rd week of the year, and I have a better understanding of what I need from a planner. A few of the most important questions I asked AFTER I purchased my 1st planner were:

What do you want to keep track of?
What features are most important to having a successful planning year?
What size best works for my life?
Are there super categorized planners that will aid in sorting through my brain?

Once I asked myself these questions, it really helped me weed through the frills and fluff to really see the meat of the task at hand. But with all of the YouTube reviews and planner tutorials available getting through the dangerous jungles of planner frenzy became less costly (did I mention that?) and much more informational.

So what is my first planner you may have asked? I opted for the Navy Dot Organizer from Sugar Paper LA for Target.

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Let me tell you why this does not work for me. First, it’s small and the wires are exposed vs. covered in a binder system. Secondly, the week on 2 pages view is in columns with bullet points and it makes me have to try to squeeze things in the narrow spots and force it to fit. And lastly, it was a hasty purchase and therefore did not truly meet my needs in the long run. So, I need another one ASAP. (It works as a brain dump, though!)

I am currently caught in between a large, gold Kikki.K  and an Erin Condren. If I could have both, I would.  They are both beautiful and so functional. They both will inspire me to plan and decorate. It’s a coin toss, but I am leaning more towards the Kikki.k. I truly feel that the Kikki.k will put me in planner peace.

So how are you changing the course of your life in 2015? In what way(s) would keeping a planner ( diary, journal, agenda) impact your life for the good? What would you need from a planner for it to really work for you?


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