Entrepreneur of the Month: Nona Stewart




Meet Nona Stewart, owner of VousDoux Delights, also known as @sheseauxsaddity on Twitter. I happened upon her twitter account several years ago, and instantly loved her witty sassiness and honesty about her life and struggles. She is confident and bold in a matter-of-fact way. All of these traits and more spell success for this gifted mother and entrepreneur.

vousdoux logo
vousdoux logo

VousDoux Delights is an online store specializing in New Orleans style baked goods, but specifically pralines. What are pralines (pronounced “prah-leen“) you ask? “Pralines are a confection consisting of pure milkfat butter, cream, milk, vanilla, pure cane sugar, brown sugar and whatever kind of shelled nut you desire. It’s caramelized sugar and almost like a fudge, but crumbly. I add vanilla bean, vanilla extract, chocolate, toffee, almonds or whatever I can think of to make them unique. Traditionally, they just have pecans added, but I’m not traditional and I like to tinker around with the formulas to make them something you may not have had before,” says Stewart on the company’s website, vousdouxdelights.com



In my first order to the store, I selected Peach Cobbler Pralines and a Sampler Box. I was so excited about getting my order, because Nona’s aura says that anything she touches is as good as gold. Well, I have been in love with pralines and cookies for the past 2 weeks. The pralines are simply the sweetest slice of heaven on Earth I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The surprise came in the form of the Variety Box. I ate the pralines in wonderment as I recognized the taste, but could not name it at first. Well the Banana Pudding Cookies really stole the show. Even after 2 weeks, they were delicious, just as Nona said they’d be.


Looking to try new things? Go on over to VousDoux Delights and get some Pralines and Cookies today!

Special thanks to Ms. Nona for allowing me to do this and use photos from the website and her Instagram.

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