Personalizing Your Planner


So you have chosen a planner that suits your needs. Now it’s time for the fun stuff. It’s decorating time! I will get you started with some of the ways I plan to continue personalizing my planner(s).

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Washi Tape ( Paper Tape)-  ($.50-$4.00)

Washi tape is considered to be one of the holy grail supplies of serious planner decorators because it’s inexpensive and a multitasking powerhouse. Washi tape can replace many of the other supplies by simply cutting it differently or arranging it in a different way. It is extremely versatile with uses ranging from page flags to color coding or even as homemade stickers. You will never get bored with planner if all you have is washi tape and time.

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Multi Shaped or Decorated Paperclips ( <$5.00)

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Paper clips are not just for linking together anymore. Their availability in a wide array of colors and shapes make them the planners cutest functional piece.

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Sticky Notes ( Post-Its) ( $1.00 – $5.00)

With stationery being such a hot commodity in recent years, it’s no wonder that sticky notes too have gotten a facelift, and are just as much fashion as they are functioning. Gone are the days of boring pale yellow sticky notes. With the various colors, shapes and sizes sticky notes have become a fun little accoutrement necessary for tracking your daily spur of the moment, reminder worthy things.

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Whether homemade or store bought, stickers are great for decoration and accenting important events. Coming in a wide range of styles and materials, stickers are truly a neat way to help keep you motivated.

Whether you choose all of these things or none, keeping a planner is a good way to stay organized and maintain a written record of events.

Tell me how you are decorating your planner!

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