Women of the Future: The Link Up

logosillyitunesIntelligent, creative, vivacious, and on the move. That is the quintessential definitinion of today’s woman, and these young women have it all going on. Meet the ladies of the sensationally funny podcast, The Link Up.  Ka’Lyn, Jazzmin, and Amber comprise the dynamic threesome headlining this period perfect podcast. 

Being outspoken is needed in a world where being silenced is the norm. ” – Ka’lyn,  WeAreTheLinkUp.com

thelinkupThe Link Up tackles a myriad of topics (cultural, political, and women centered) shedding new insight and bringing comedic relief weekly to its listeners. As a faithful listener, I anticipate the newest episode because I never know what to expect from them, and I always want to stay abreast of the newest goings-on of the “sophisticated ratchet.”

They have an organic approach to life which reads loud and clear with witty opinions and limitless funny. Always energetic and on point, these ladies came to give it to you and well.

I sat down with The Link Up for a once in a lifetime interview. Per their usual, they were prepared and hilarious. Focused on making their mark on the world as well as making a difference, I was impressed with how they are individually unique in their approach. They are remarkable young women about their business, and i will forever be in their corner cheering them on. enjoy them as I have in this interview. I apologize in advance for my laughter and inability to shake the “ummmms.” I strongly recommend you listen with headphones as the sound is lower than usual and I have failed at fixing it.


Please connect with the ladies of The Link Up on Twitter at @wearethelinkup, Ka’Lyn @kay_slays, Jazzmin @Smok1nAces, and Amber @amberellaaa_!







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