Rejuvenate, Reevaluate.

As the temperatures plummet, and we prepare to welcome in 2016 with wishful goals and bright eyes, it is important to not only focus on what needs to change around us, but also what needs to change within ourselves. Take this time to reflect on how you might be hindering your progress to completing your goals. Is your spending keeping you from paying back debts? Are you self-sabotaging your own happiness? Or maybe you are crowding your spaces with stuff and keeping yourself from thinking clearly and focusing on what truly matters. Now is the perfect time to analyze and set in place checks and balances to counter those thoughts, habits, and general tendencies to not achieve, save, learn, exercise or give.
Take a brief moment today to really think about 3 things you do that might be keeping you from being your best self. Then, write out 3 ways you will actively combat them, whether it may be to chant a Bible verse or other quote, or even if you simply just acknowledge the behavior in the moment and correct it accordingly. Being present in the moment is just as important as analyzing one’s actions after an instance.
The most important thing about rejuvenation is moving forward. Actually doing something is liberating and may be just the push you need to get going toward your best, happiest self.

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