Bed Rest Karaoke

I tweaked my back and have been put on rest for a few days. Its always hard for me when my back is concerned. I had back surgery in January of 2008 after having a ruptured disc and a 4 inch tear in my spinal cord. So when I do tweak something it is always nerve related pain. Nerve pain is the absolute worst. So I have to rest and be on ice in order for things to calm down unlike muscle pain where I can simply take pain medication.

Bed rest is boring.

There is only so much Tv you can watch. So I downloaded a karaoke app on my phone called Sing N Share. It is a mini karaoke screen right on your phone and it records you singing. It doesnt sound great but I like to sing and it was something to do while laying in bed.

I just sang :

Open My Heart

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Here is the link if you are interested in downloading the app

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