Migraine Triggers

“’Triggers” are specific factors that may increase your risk of having a migraine attack. The migraine  sufferer has inherited a sensitive nervous system that under certain circumstances can lead to migraine.

Triggers do not ‘cause’ migraine. Instead, they are thought to activate processes that cause migraine in people who are prone to the condition. A certain trigger will not induce a migraine in every person; and, in a single migraine sufferer, a trigger may not cause a migraine every time. By keeping a headache diary, you will be able to identify some triggers for your particular headaches.

Once you have identified triggers, it will be easier for you to avoid them and reduce your chances of  having a migraine attack.”

—American Council for Headache Education


Dietary Triggers

Food triggers do not necessarily contribute to migraines in all individuals, and particular foods may trigger attacks in certain people only on occasion. Be your own expert by keeping a journal of foods you have eaten before a migraine attack and see whether the removal or reduction of certain foods from your diet improves your headaches.

Skipping meals, fasting, and low blood sugar can also trigger migraines. If you’re unable to follow a normal eating schedule, pack snacks



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