Back in Action

Hey yall!

I wanted to take quick moment to say thank you to everyone that reached out to me after the birth of our son Malcolm Xavier. So many people came to visit, call, and simply wish us the best, for this I am eternally grateful. The past 12 weeks have been awesome! I was very fortunate to be able to spend the first 2 months of Malcolm’s life at home caring for his every need.  He is an absolute joy! His sister has been so helpful and she loves to kiss is little face. His Dad has been my rock through everything from labor to late night feedings. I am so grateful to God for my family.

Here a few shots of the kids from the awesome photo shoot my brother Michael did. He is amazing! You can check out his work at Glow Optical Photography.

Master Malcolm Xavier Jones

download_20151014_221439 download_20151014_221648 download_20151014_221651

Miss Kennedy Amber Jones


While all good things must come to and end, I am now back at work ! I was met with exuberance upon my return to work. Every person I work with and support were very happy to have me back to work. You can’t imagine the feeling of having every person you encounter on your first day back to work being so excited to have you return. What a way to make a girl feel valued and needed!


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